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Dual Immersion » Dual Language Spanish Immersion Program

Dual Language Spanish Immersion Program

Dual Language Spanish Immersion Program

The Dual Language Immersion classroom is self-contained from Kindergarten through fifth grade. Students will be provided with communicative and academic language development in core content areas through a 90/10 model in a Two-Way Spanish Immersion program. Beginning in Kindergarten students receive 90% of instruction in Spanish and 10% in English. Each year, students will receive more English instruction as the percentage of Spanish instruction decreases. By 4th and 5th grade students will receive 50% of their daily instruction in Spanish and 50% in English. The program follows grade level California Common Core State Standards.


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Enrollment Process

  1. Students will be enrolled regardless of language background through an Open Enrollment process.
  2. If a class is filled, a waiting list will be implemented and students will be called according to the list in order of registration.
  3. Within the first week of start of school, any withdrawals or no-shows from the program will be replaced with students on the waiting list in order.
  4. Students will be required take an assessment in both languages to determine proficiency levels at the beginning of the school year.
  5. Students may be considered for the program after Kindergarten provided they can demonstrate language skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the program.


Request to Withdraw

For the success of the program, parents/ guardians whose children have been admitted into the program make a long-term commitment to remain in the program for the duration of the five years at Edmondson. However, requests for withdrawals will be considered through a DLAT meeting that will involve the principle, school psychologist, resource specialist, parent and teacher.


For an application please see the front office.