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Parents » FPM Parent Information

FPM Parent Information

FPM Parent Information

What is CHKS? (California Healthy Kids Survey). It is a Healthy Kids Survey, which is sponsored by the California Department of Education. This very important survey will help promote better health among our community’s youth and combat problems such as drug abuse and violence. The survey is administered to grades 5,7,9 and 11. The next survey will be administered in spring of “09.”

Parents may review a copy of the survey that will be kept in the front office.
Also the results must be available for review for the parents in the front office, on the school website and is currently available district wide on the district website under “Attendance and Welfare, click DATE, and click on links. They are also available on the district website parents link. The results may also be communicated through a school newsletter. If you communicate this through newsletter, please send me a copy for our records.

• Parents must know where they can find the district policies for tobacco, drugs and alcohol. They are on the website or in the “Parent handbooks.”

• Parents and staff should be aware that we are using a district provided “scientifically based program, Positive Action, in all grades K-12.”

• Parents and staff should know where the “No Smoking signs” are posted on your gates or walls outside your building.

• What other preventive programs are you offering at your schools?” Red Ribbon Week, etc.

• What is the “Unsafe School of Choice Policy?”

• Parents and Staff must be notified of D.A.T.E. Advisory Council Meetings. The invites are addressed to staff, parents and students.

• Schools should have some kind of “cessation posters” hung up in the office with indicates an “800” phone number to call if the parents/students need help to stop smoking.